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Hi, I'm Jennifer, owner and lead designer at Petals a floral design firm in Boulder, Colorado.  Along with my husband and two children, I  grow my own organic blooms using the greenest and most sustainable processes available.  

This blog is where I explore topics from floral design, wedding planning, organic farming and gardening, sustainable living, and our family's quest to find the perfect farm! 

I'm so glad you are here! 


Floral Design in Orange

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

It's that time of year when the sun wanes just enough for pumpkin orange to start to shine without overwhelming your floral compositions. Read on for 10 examples and how to's of diverse floral designs using the ultimate fall color: orange! Looking for a festive centerpiece already designed for you? Check out our Harvest Centerpiece over at the shop and effortlessly elevate your next event or win at hostess gifting..

Orange is an opinionated color but floral design from late September to the 1st of December basically calls for it. Since the sun is a little less direct and clouds a little more likely in these months you can design with orange tones without the fear of burning your audience's eyeballs like you might in say, April or July. Enjoy 8 diverse examples of how to successfully design flowers in orange tones.


Option 1 - Muted Peach

This wild, over-flowing centerpiece is grounded in muted, peachy tones with cool greenery to balance the oranges. The asymmetrical height of the design adds interest and a wild flower look. To fill a larger horizontal space with this design you could fill the base out more with silver eucalyptus so the box is less visible and the horizontal space the florals occupy on the table are more pronounced. BLOOMS FEATURED: Roses, spray roses, succulent, moss, ranunculus, scabiosa, and bronze snapdragons


Option 2 - Vibrant Color

What is more fitting for a Fall design than a pumpkin for a vase? We actually teach a super fun Fall workshop on how to create these magical arrangements, you can read all about it here: learn how to make one yourself and get inspired by photos of our participants' creations.

In the pumpkin design featured here you can see that the color palette is colors here more bright and vibrant. The focus is on bright orange roses and cool blue thistle with bright greenery. A few harvest inspired dried grasses add texture and muted lime green hydrangeas form a background.


Option 3 - Purples and Oranges

Bright orange cottage roses contrast with small amounts of fuscia and balanced by dark burgundies and berries and Swedes eucalyptus. Very little greenery mixed in, lots of saturated color. Seeded eucalyptus and hypercarium berries for texture. BLOOMS FEATURED: Spray roses, cottage roses, chocolate dahlias.


Option 4 - Sunny Sunflowers

Harvest tones of yellow and burgundy take center stage here with orange acting as a side note via rosehip pods. Sunflowers give a more rustic, country vibe. Subtle pale orange bridges the gap between burgundy and yellow and grasses and fading foliage add texture. BLOOMS FEATURED: Sunflowers, large burgundy mums, cream marigolds.


Option 5 - Cabbage Flowers

Adding actual food to an arrangement immediately takes the harvest vibe to the next level. Cabbages! This design brings in dusty purple, bright orange, and pops of deep purple and red with bright green foliage. BLOOMS FEATURED: Purple cabbage, scabiosa, orange roses, red spray roses, snapdragon bugs.


Option 6 - Prairie Boho

Totally different vibe here but oh so trendy: earthy and muted. Instead of burgundy to cool the orange like we saw above, off-white bleached fern and browns with dark spikes of green and dried grass support our dusty orange roses. . Prairie style. Orange is not bright but muted with soft yellow accents and dark seed pods. BLOOMS FEATURED: Dusty orange rose, pale pink lisyanthus, white spray rose, yarrow berries, pampas grass, bleached fern, white protea, dried leaves and dark green and purple greenery.


.Option 7 - Elevated Boho

Like the previous option, this arrangement follows the current boho 1970s trend: dusky, earthy brown and burgundy support pops of orange. Totally out of season but very effective, the tulips offer a structured riot of orange while amaranth (love lies bleeding) drape over the sides in deep burgundy. Pampas grass, adds texture but overall the design features very little greenery. BLOOMS FEATURED: Burgundy amaranth, orange tulips, large muted yellow football mums, sunflower seed heads, burgundy snapdragons.


Option 8 - Red Red Wine

Back to a more floral style but with pale pink and yellow roses, rusty orange mums, peachy roses, burgundy lilies. Cool greenery grounds the design with baby eucalyptus sprays. Dusty miller could also be used. BLOOMS FEATURED: Orange football mums, pale pink and yellow roses, burgundy asiatic lilies.


Option 9 - Black & Orange

Almost black "Schwarzeneggar" calas are some of my very favorite flowers ever and were the only thing I had in my personal bridal bouquet. Bright orange roses, rusty calas, and raspberry colored accents glow against the black calms. Cool greenery is used sparingly. . FEATURED BLOOMS: Black and orange cala lillies, raspberry and black night scabiosa, hypericum berries.


Option 10 - Orange & White

White and pale pink arrangement from going of the rails as far as color is concerned. Purple smoke bush foliage offers texture and a solid background to the brighter blooms. A really cool aspect of this design is that so much of the it can be grown in Colorado under natural conditions. Only the big orange roses (and even these are possible here) and seeded eucalyptus would struggle in our climate to grBLOOMS FEATURED: White knock-out roses, chocolate lace flowers, orange roses, raspberry dahlias, pink stock, and veronica.

Thanks for reading, I hope this post helps you better conceptualize some of the many way you can incorporate organge flowers into your designs. And if any of these designs inspire you to the point of NEEDING something similar, contact me! I'd LOVE to make you any one of these beauties.

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Jennifer Beltzer
Jennifer Beltzer
Mar 03, 2022

Orange is a tough sell for me but I wouldn't send any of these designs back!


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