Our Mini-Monstera plant, otherwise known as the swiss cheese plant, is the height of trendy houseplants.  Potted in a modern, honeycomb pattered ceramic vase, the plant is ready to enhance any space.  This plant is vining and with proper care will begind to drape long, lush, and verdent.  



Every Petals arrangement is unique and specifically designed by our lead designer and botanist on the day of delivery. As flower farmers we strive to use the freshest, local florals available. Many of our florals are nurtured from seed in house in Boulder, CO.


Each arrangement is a work of art crafted explicitly for your order, as such, we cannot accommodate day of deliveries and ask for 24 hours to process your order...we promise, our flowers are worth the wait!


*Chocolate add-on Includes 3 full sized bars of assorted flavors.

Mini Monstera