Wanting to add to your plant collection but keep the health of your fur babies at heart?  This collection features plants that are pet friendly and have been demonstrated to be non-toxic should your animals decide to take a bite.


Hand selected by our botanist to provide you with pet friendly plants, you and your furry friends can rest easy in your newly greened space!   Want to learn more about pet friendly plants?  Check out our blog post!


Each plant comes in a 6" nursery pot and stylish baskets for instant style. 


Options may include: Bromeliad, ferns, spider plant or other non-toxic plant depending on availability.  We strive to provide educational information about each of your plants and you can read about their care and super powers on our blog.  


Please allow 48 hours for delivery. Delivery Included. 


While we strive to provide accurate information about all of our plants, they are not intended as edibles and we sugguest that when possible you avoid allowing your animals to eat any of the plants in large or small quantities and always check with your veternarian should any concerns arise.  




Pet Friendly Plant Collection