Pruners are our most used tool at Petals and these are my absolute favorite ones.  Not a day goes by that I don't reach for these powerful pruners in the garden and in the kitchen.  


These powerful pruners make flower harvesting, garden pruning, and floral design a breeze. 


Beause a good pair of pruners is the gardeners best friend, you want a pair that is expertly crafted, well balanced, sharp, and sturdy.  These pruners are all of that and more.  A protective, well fitting sheath like the one this set comes with is a must for keeping  you and your tool safe and effective.     


We garden intensly at Petals to bring you fresh, organic, and beautiful blooms, none of which could we do without the proper tools.  I am so excited to be able to offer one of my absolute favorite tools for gardening success.  


Check out our Hori Hori for my second most used garden tool, which both these bad boys, you'll be outfitted for professional garden success. 


Our pruner and sheath set comes beautifully boxed and wrapped in sustainable brown paper and twine, ready for gifting.   

Pruners with Sheath