Our simple flower crowns are more dainty than our delux flower crowns and, therefore, more widely wearable. Designed with one to two floral components, these crowns are perfect dressed up or down.  They encircle the entire head and tie in the back with a ribbon.  Select your color prefrence and our design specialist will create a unique crown using the freshest blooms available.  


Special requests will be honored when possible but are subject to seasonal and market availability.


Simple Flower Crown

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  • Ours simple crowns are made within a day of delivery with the freshest ingredients available. With proper care they will last through an entire event and many, depending upon the types of flowers utilized, will be wearable for days. To extend the life of your flower crown, it is recommended you store them in the refrigerator and out of direct sunlight when not wearing them.Special requests will be honored who possible but are subject to seasonal and market availability.


    Adult crowns measure 24" circumfrance and are adujustable via ribbon. Children's crowns measure 20" circumfrance and are also adjustable via ribbon.